WAT's-THE-WORD on Avatar?!

OK, so let me tell you WAT's-THE-WORD on Avatar?!

I know this review is a little dated but I figured since it's STILL showing in theaters everywhere...., people are still watching!

I was hoping this movie was as awesome as my friends said it would be..but no.

I LOVE movies, but this one was just really long! I remember the beginning pretty well when Sully enters the Avatar world and he meets his own Avatar etc. I was getting really into it then it just went downhill from there. The fight scenes went on for longer than they needed to- they started then stopped-then started back again. The story line itself was really boring. The worst thing is, the movie COULD have been better ,but i think all the effort went into perfecting the 3D effects that , not enough thought was put into the story line to make it interesting. It was like watching Pocahontas but with blue people and lots of violence.

The 3D effects were awesome though, but I began to get a headache from it. I spent the better part of the movie taking off and putting on my glasses.

The end was heartbreaking though I will admit, I did want to cry a little ...but I was just so happy it was over so I didn't.

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