WAT'S-THE-WORD on Billionaire?!

Hey WATS up guys at WAT-AAH! and I'm gonna review my favorite song of the summer called, Billionaire by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars. This song is a great song to sing along with all of your friends. The lyrics are easy to remember so you'll be singing in no time. The song is realistic too because who doesn't want to become a billionaire!

Bruno Mars has such a soft and bubbly voice yet its loud too, it blends great with Travie McCoy's fast paced voice. You can listen to this song on a rainy to cheer you up or on a sunny day to get your mood going, its just a happy song that everyone likes. Billionaire is an overall happy, moving, entertaining, and great song to play listen or to in the backyards or on the radio.

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Age 12

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