WAT"S-THE-WORD on Bop It Bounce?!

I spent hours and hours with Bop it when it first came out. I think I played it sooo much my mom told me she never wanted to hear the words "Bop It" again! So I just HAD TO find out WAT'S-THE-WORD on the NEW Bop It Bounce?!

With this crazy new game, Bop It took the paddle and the ball to a whole other level! The elastic tether is gone, though the core idea behind paddle ball is still there like trying to see how long you can keep bouncing a rubber ball. But just like the classic Bop It, it now talks to you, shouting out challenges like “how many times can you bounce the ball in 30 seconds?” or “how high can you bounce it?”

The game is pretty challenging and mom says it just as annoying as the old one. But I am having a blast with it!

Guest Review
Thad Michellyn
Age 16

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