WAT's-THE-WORD on The GAP Kids Fall 09 Collection?!


New York

Hi, I'm Luke. Jack's little brother, the one who makes those cool videos on my dad's iPhone. Can anyone explain WAT's-THE-WORD on GAP Kids?!

Anyway, my mom took us to the Gap Store two days ago and we bought some clothes for back to school. Seriously, I didn't like what I saw. The T- shirts said GAP on them. GAP. GAP. GAP. GAP. It's too much. Who is GAP anyway? Is he really that important?

Also, my mom asked the sales person for some help. She said she was too busy and couldn't help my mom. When my mom asked if a shirt was available, she rang it up and told my mom that it was "not in stock." I asked my mom what "not in stock" means. But she didn't answer. Then my mom asked about a pair of pants, and about another shirt....the sales girl kept saying the stuff is "not in stock." My mom thinks that the sales girl simply didn't want to help and go to the stock room. My mom didn't think she was nice.

We left GAP. My brother got a bunch of stuff. I got a few things too, but it took a long time for me to really find what I want. Afterward, I felt hungry and so I asked for pasta.... My mom didn't say "pasta not in stock."

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