WAT's-THE-WORD on The New Season of American Idol?!

WAT's-THE-WORD on the new season of American Idol... do they need Ellen?! OK...Here's a quick comment. I've watched a few episodes of this season's American Idol. I conclude that they really need Ellen!

So far, I'm little disappointed because it feels that Simon is really disinterested and bored. He looks as if he thinks it is a drag to be in the show. Maybe it's because it is his last year and he can't wait to leave? Secondly, I don't know if some of the auditions are for real or not. It feels rehearsed, fake...planned? But maybe like Simon, I'm getting a bit bored by the same old thing. My third comment is about the stories and the contestants they featured before the audition. I do like knowing a bit about them, occassionally....but I think it is getting a bit too much. Too much drama. Lastly, I really don't miss Paula Abdul.

So yes, they really need Ellen. And can't wait to see her in the show....

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