WAT's-THE-WORD on Nerf N-Strike Elite?!

Hi game fans... Here is WAT's-THE-WORD on Nerf N-Strike Elite?!

This year for Christmas I got the best new Wii game around. Nerf N-Strike Elite is a crazy, exciting game. I love it and having been playing non-stop since I found it under my Christmas tree. It comes with a Nerf gun that you put the remote into and can be used as a real Nerf gun with Nerf bullets. The idea of the game is to defeat all the bad guys with super sonic micro bullets.

My friend Lachlan even found a cool website that gave me some hints so that I could unlock new, more powerful guns. He even played on my team one day. It was so cool!!
If you get a chance to play... go for it!!


New York
Age 8

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