WAT's-THE-WORD on The Motorola Rival?!

WAT's-THE-WORD on The Motorola Rival?! I finally got a phone! My first phone! It's a Motorola Rival and its' PURPLE. I know most of the boys wouldn't want a purple phone, but it's a phone. My parents said if I go over my minutes I have to pay! But it is so hard not to use it all the time... to txt my friends... all the time!

I have been wanting a phone for so long that every time I walked into a phone store with my mom, I would go over to the phones and I start to play with all of them. I had a list at home of the ones I wanted and the one I got was at the top. I can't put my phone down! It's funny if you think about how crazy it is to feel like this about a phone. But maybe not for you.

Write about it on the blog when you get a phone... Tell em' WAT's-THE-WORD?!

New York
Age 10 1/2

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