WAT's-THE-WORD on The Secret of Kells?!

WAT's-THE-WORD on The Secret of Kells?! My brother Jack and I went to see The Secret Of Kells at the IFC Theater. First we were very excited because it is my favorite movie in the NY International Children's Film Festival, where WAT-AAH! was a major sponsor.

Before I talk about the movie, I want to tell you what being a "major sponsor" is all about. Well it is about getting free tickets, guaranteed sitting, and the big WAT-AAH! Boy shows up on the screen many many times before the movie. I felt really proud. I even took a picture.

See, isn't that cool! That's our brand!

I love The Secret of Kells. I love that it is about a kid creating a beautiful book with a grown up and about how he got inspired by nature and the forest to make the most beautiful drawings that will "live" inside the book. Yes, the drawings felt like they "live" inside the book! I mean it...they move, dance, swirl and come to life....Well not all the time, but I imagined the images moving when I look at them. They are really cool. My mom said I was "mesmerized!" Plus the drawings are so detailed, colorful and they filled up every inch of the gigantic screen.

I also love the movie because it is about friendship and war...yes, there's lots of fights and battles and some blood......I really like those scenes! I think the bad guys represented the Vikings...but I'm not so sure if that's true.

The Secret of Kells is really different...I think it is so much better than Caroline (which I saw again last night on cable), Up The Movie and even Avatar. It's different because it is not like the others and what I've seen all the time. So much drawing and animation went into it making it....the others felt like computers, and not people, made them.......My mom wondered how long it took to make The Secret of Kells. She loved it too!

My brother Jack loved it too. My friend Yannik, who came with us, loved it too and thought it was different.

Too bad that The Secret of Kells did not win an academy award last weekend at the Oscars. Up The Movie won...my brother and I didn't agree.

I give this movie a 10!

New York
Age 6

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