WAT's-THE-WORD on The NYICFF Awards and Best of Fest Event?!

WAT's-THE-WORD on The NYICFF Awards and Best of Fest Event?! Me and my mom and my sister Ali were lucky enough to get to go to the “Best of the Fest” and awards ceremony at the Times Center on Sunday night.

There were a bunch of cool things that happened.

First we went to the VIP pre-party and all there was to drink there was WAT-AAH! and wine. My mom wouldn’t let us have the wine……

We were wearing our WAT-AAH! t-shirts and everyone acted like we were famous or something - they kept wanting to take our pictures and called us the WAT-AAH! kids….it was a little embarrassing, but also pretty cool.

Then when we got to our seats, there were these goody bags filled with stuff. The best things in there were this flashlight thing and some movies that aren’t even out yet!

Then the awards started….”it’s like the Oscars of the festival” my mom said that, like it meant something.

What I liked about that part was getting to see clips from the nominated films. We hadn’t gotten to see all of them before, so it was like a sneak preview or something.

Alex and Nat Wolfe from the Naked Brothers Band on Nickelodeon were there and gave out an award. Me and my sister had met them before at my cousin Sam’s bar-mitzvah….. but they left as soon as that part of the night was over, so we couldn’t talk to them. That was kind of a bummer.

Then they showed a bunch of the movies:


Lost & Found

The Happy Duckling


A Film About Poo

The Lost Tribes of NYC

The Six Dollar Fifty Man

I cant pick a favorite, because they were all so cool and different. But it was funny that there was a movie about poo – and it really was about poo!

Then there was another party afterwards, and we got to meet the winner of the festival Jiri Barta. It was for his film called IN THE ATTIC. It was made in a thing called “stop-motion” animation. He’s from a place called the Czech Republic, so it was hard to talk to him – but we got a picture!

Then, the coolest thing….we met an actor named Mathew Modine. He is in a play on Broadway called "The Miracle Worker" with the girl from the movie "Nim’s Island" (Abigail Breslin) and he invited us to come see his play and meet her too!

He was really nice and funny. We got a picture with him too!

I was really glad that I got to go. I didn’t think I would have a good time, but I really did.


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