WAT's-THE-WORD?! on The Porsche 911?!

WAT's-THE WORD?! on The Porsche 911?! A couple weeks ago I was talking to Jack about what cars he likes. He told me that he likes classic cars. So I asked “like the Porsche 911?” He said “Yeah I like that car.” I told him “my uncle has that car.”

I decided I’d tell you guys about this awesome car so here are some facts about it. The 911 Carrera-4s has a wider body and an extra 44 mm at the back wings. To top it off, it also has wider back tires and titanium-colored front air intake grilles and slats.

This amazing car can go at a top speed of 185 mph or 297km/h. Just like all other Porsche cars this one has super-cool all wheel drive. The traction this car offers is an obvious sign of safety especially in a snowy or wet climate.

For those who like music, this car has a Bose surround sound-system and a universal audio interface. For those who like working, this has easy-to-use blue tooth so you can work while you drive! For people who like comfort (I know I do!) there are comfortable seats a awesome steering wheel and other features you’ll have to find out on your own.

So check out the Porsche website and check out this awesome super-cool amazing car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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