WAT's-THE-WORD on Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Movie?!

WAT’s-THE-WORD on Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief movie?!

In February, I wrote an entry all about the book series. Now, to all who have watched the movie (and hopefully have read the books too) WAT’s THE WORD on the Percy Jackson movie? The movie follows the skeleton of the book, but as I swiftly discovered, the movie didn’t follow the important parts of the book very well. The main reason I was disappointed in the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief movie was because of the fact that it lacked a multitude of important details. For example, why doesn’t Anabeth look anything like the description, why didn’t Anabeth, the great planner, consider the fact they needed not only three pearls, but four! Additionally, why wasn’t Mr. D in the movie? I was very excited, for the movie because I simply loved the book, and I have to admit I did have outrageously high expectations for the movie.

I read the book in the summer, and the big parts I remembered were barely there. Sadly, all of the actors in the movie appeared to be around 16, while the book characters were supposed to be 12. The movie and book were marvelous separately, but together, they did not connect to each other very well. My middle sister, who hadn’t read the book prior to the movie thought it was great, and because she thought the movie was so good, she began to read the books! So if there is a rainy day, or you would just like to see a movie, you may want to consider Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and form your own opinion!!

Alli Case

Age 11

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