WAT'S-THE-WORD on Dylan and Cole Sprouse?!

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are Disney Channel's 13 year old twins... Just kidding! Did you know that they just celebrated their 18th birthday and will be going off to college in less than a month?! I didn't know that either. I could have sworn they weren't even in high school yet.

Anyway, the two will be heading off to Manhattan in late August to start their first year at New York University. Cole will be majoring in Film and Television Production with a minor in Drama. His brother Dylan plans to take up Fine/Studio Arts, minoring in Economics.

I think this has been a wonderful decision on their part. Being child actors, they have missed out on many common childhood experiences people like me have experienced. It is good that they will still get the "college experience." I hope that they take advantage of the community around them and make plently of friends once the year starts. I also wonder if they will get girlfriends!

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Jersey City, NJ
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  1. OMG!!!!! I LOVE Dylan and Cole Sprouse!!! (especially Dylan) I am his BIGGEST fan!!! I love u Dylan!!!!!<3