WAT'S-THE-WORD on Victorious?!

WAT'S-THE-WORD on Victorious?! Well first off...I LOVE it! I never miss an episode!

All the characters are so funny. I love the whole idea of people who are talented going to a special school for it...I also sing and play guitar so I think it's awesome to watch people do it to. I just wish I could go to school just like Hollywood Arts High, it would be SO much better than mine!

The songs from the show (Make it Shine, You’re the Reason, and Finally Falling) are awesome! I catch myself singing them all the time, my brother even makes fun of me because he says no one knows the songs, but he is so wrong. I am so excited to tune in every week to see if there are any new songs.

I especially love checking The Slap to see the fun facts and cast updates they have each day. I really hope they come out with a Victorious movie soon!

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Des Moines, IA
Age 13

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