WAT's-THE-WORD On The New iPhone 3GS?!

WAT's-THE-WORD on the newest iPhone 3GS?! I am talking about my dad's new phone. First, let me tell you a secret, my dad's always losing his phone. He lost one in the airport, one in a cab, one in the airport, one in a restaurant and who knows where else! Anyway, I think it's a way for him to always get the latest and greatest version.....or that is to lose the last latest and greatest version.

I really like the new iPhone. It has fast internet access and I get to fool around with different websites, apps, and games. It's a great way to entertain me and my brother.

My brother loves to video tape himself and tell stories about animals attacking other animals. The stories are pretty long and they can get boring sometimes. He keeps going on and on, and on and on. He thinks he's funny for some reason. You'll meet Luke later on.

I think the iPhone is good because it keeps us really focused and quiet....but we tend to fight over it. My mom should consider getting one so that our family has two, then maybe we won't fight anymore. But she likes her blackberry more. Too bad.

Besides being high tech, and entertaining, I like the iPhone because its small and simple. Apple is also a great company. Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, always shows-off new products in these big presentations. I think he's doing a great job. I'm worried about his health though and how that might affect the company. If he leaves, I hope the person replacing him will keep up the good work.

I like Apple as a brand and I want them to do well, mostly because I own a few Apple stocks. Good thing stocks are doing well again!


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