WAT's-THE-WORD On KidRobot?!

Devil 1/20 and the Ape 1/20, signed by the artist MAD himself!

The new BoOoya Ghosts Mini Series debuted on August 6, 2009. Lachlan, Luke, and I went to the premiere party at the KidRobot store in New York City and we all got our BoOoya Ghosts signed by the designer of the collection, MAD.

If you’ve never seen KidRobot toys before, you got to check them out (
www.kidrobot.com). They’re so cool! These aren’t your average toys. You don’t play with these toys, you collect them. They’ve got these awesome and freaky designs. They've got cool t-shirts, bags, and keychains too.

There are 14 different ones in the BoOoya Ghosts collection, including a pirate, boogeyman, and ape. I got the Devil 1/20, and Lachlan got the Ape 1/20. Lachlan really wanted the one with buttons sewed on as eyes but he got the Ape instead. The only bad part is that you don’t get to choose which one you get since they come in blind assortment (kinda like the toys in a happy meal). So it’s fun to collect as many KidRobot toys as you can but my mom won’t let me collect the big ones that can cost up $100.

Lachlan and I got to the store for the premiere party, only to find that there was a HUGE line already. We ended up waiting for almost two hours! Looking back, it was pr
etty ridiculous to wait in line for that long but I knew that it was worth it in the end. It was cool to meet the artist MAD but it was even cooler that I got my Devil signed. Having that signature increased the value of my KidRobot toy. Without the signature, the Devil is still pretty cool and valuable because it’s part of a special designer collection. It also has a unique design and it’s hard to find a particular toy since you don’t know which one you’re buying. The signature definitely made my Devil and Lachlan’s Ape more valuable and unique. Maybe someday, we can sell it for a lot more!


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