WAT's-THE-WORD On The Ford Fusion Hybrid?!

My mom has been thinking of getting a new car lately so we went to the dealership in the Upper West Side to check out WAT's-THE-WORD on The Fusion. I suggested that my parents should look at a hybrid since they're more environmentally friendly. The salesman showed us the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid which USA Today called "the best gasoline-electric hybrid yet!"

So I asked him wat's so great about it? He said it was because the Ford Fusion Hybrid has two engines and two transmissions that work together. The car switches from running off an electric motor to a gas powered engine without any pauses. On top of that, you can drive this car for 700 MILES on just one tank of gas. I thought that was so cool! The Ford Fusion Hybrid also has a regenerative braking system which is when the car creates energy everytime you press the brake pedal. This means that you can drive longer with less gas in the city than on the highway. That's good for my mom who's always driving around Manhattan. My parents would save so much money if they had this car! Maybe then they can spend more money buying me video games (btw my mom says not a chance). The inside of the car was really nice too. The seats are comfortable and made out of eco-friendly fabric.

I really think this car is a great choice for my parents. It has a five star safety rating (the highest possible rating) so my mom can be sure that my little sister and I are safe. Even though its not as sweet as an Audi or Mercedes, I think the Ford Fusion Hybrid is a more practical and safer vehicle for my family.

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