WAT's-THE-WORD on 2012?!

It was a really bad rainy day in New York. My dad, Luke and I went to see 2012.

WAT's up with this movie?! It was bad. Really bad. It must have cost so much money to do the special effects....So much that the producers ran out of money to pay for better actors. The actors really sucked...the producers probably got them for cheap. The lead actor John Cusack should stick to acting in romantic, sappy movies like my mom's favorites Serendipity, High Fidelity and Say Anything.

The movie was also very long...way too long in our opinion. There were many scenes that didn't make sense and were not necessary. I guessed I should just listened to my mom and stayed home played a video game or read my new novel.

The only thing I like about the movie was the cars in the plane, especially the voice controlled Bentley. It was cool when they escaped from Los Angeles, driving through the windows of a collapsing building and out the other side. That's pretty cool.

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