WAT's-THE-WORD on The New Moon?!

Last week I went to see New Moon, the Twilight saga with my sister Ali. Everyone had been talking about it so much, I just had to find out WAT's-THE-WORD?!... And let me tell you it was AWESOME!

Ali agreed, "It was so cool. Now I realize that Vampires are way cooler than wearwolves because they don't get too mad, and they don't always just go after people. At least thats true with the Cullens."

She told me WAT's-THE-WORD?!... and it is "GO team EDWARD!!!" Her favorite character is Bella, because she is always the main character and she tries to help Edward when he does things that aren't so smart. She isn't scared of anything. And the best part is vampires can't effect her with She told me she did NOT like when she almost kissed Jacob because she already has Edward. He just had to go away for his father, because people could notice his age. It was the hardest thing Edward had to do - leaving Bella.

The thing I thought was really funny was when Bella and Jacob were about to kiss and something interrupted them. It was the phone. Edward was on it. And the part that was NOT cool was that Jacob said "Bella. go away! We can't be friends anymore." even though he promised he would never hurt her. It totally hurt her when he said that though.

She thinks people who saw TWILIGHT should see NEW MOON.

One last thing: "Edward is officially going to end up with Bella becuase he protects her more and he asked her to marry him at the end. That's my prediction," she says.

Now let me tell you how I see it. WAT's-THE-WORD.... I loved it. My favorite part was when the wolves were fighting. Jacob is my favorite wolf. His tattoo is really cool, and all the wolves have them which is cool. When I get older I'm going to get one too.

I don't know which team I'm on, because I like them both.

I have two favorite characters, Jacob AND Edward. I think its awesome that Jacob is a wearwolf and that Edward is a vampire. They don't scare me at all. I didn't like the end because they barely did anything, not enough action for me. BUT...I do still want to see the next one when it comes out though, whatever it's called!


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