WAT's-THE-WORD on Build a Bear Workshop?!

WAT's-THE-WORD on Build-A-Bear Workshop?! Well let me tell you... this place is awesome because your toy is designed by YOU, not by the store. Personally I think I make a better one anyway! You get to pick out the animal you want, dress them and put on accessories... The whole works!
First you pick out the animal, then you wait in line (the only lame part!), when you get to the front, you pick out a sound you want (like a bark or an oink or whatever), then it is filled up with fluff. It is so cool! Next you pick out a heart, kiss it and make a wish. It is put inside, you pick out its clothes and accessories. At the end you pick a name and they give you a birth certificate with its name on it, and it is born that day! You can have parties there too... with pizza and cake. It is expensive but totally worth finding out WAT's-THE-WORD on Build-A-Bear!

New York
Age 8

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