WAT"S-THE-WORD on Bop It Bounce?!

I spent hours and hours with Bop it when it first came out. I think I played it sooo much my mom told me she never wanted to hear the words "Bop It" again! So I just HAD TO find out WAT'S-THE-WORD on the NEW Bop It Bounce?!

With this crazy new game, Bop It took the paddle and the ball to a whole other level! The elastic tether is gone, though the core idea behind paddle ball is still there like trying to see how long you can keep bouncing a rubber ball. But just like the classic Bop It, it now talks to you, shouting out challenges like “how many times can you bounce the ball in 30 seconds?” or “how high can you bounce it?”

The game is pretty challenging and mom says it just as annoying as the old one. But I am having a blast with it!

Guest Review
Thad Michellyn
Age 16


WATS-THE-WORD on Despicable Me?!

The movie is about a bad guy who wants to be the best villain and steal the moon (so far all he stole was "the Statue of Liberty-- the small one from Las Vegas). Then 3 kids come to live with him and his life changes and he becomes good. The man is very weird but the movie is funny.

My favorite part is when the little girl says "He's so fluffffffy!" about the stuffed unicorn she wins at the carnival. I think everyone will love this movie!

Guest Review
New Jersey
Age 4

WAT'S-THE-WORD on Billionaire?!

Hey WATS up guys at WAT-AAH! and I'm gonna review my favorite song of the summer called, Billionaire by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars. This song is a great song to sing along with all of your friends. The lyrics are easy to remember so you'll be singing in no time. The song is realistic too because who doesn't want to become a billionaire!

Bruno Mars has such a soft and bubbly voice yet its loud too, it blends great with Travie McCoy's fast paced voice. You can listen to this song on a rainy to cheer you up or on a sunny day to get your mood going, its just a happy song that everyone likes. Billionaire is an overall happy, moving, entertaining, and great song to play listen or to in the backyards or on the radio.

Guest Review


Age 12


WAT'S-THE-WORD on Taio Cruz, Dynamite?!

Let me tell you WAT'S-THE-WORD?! I know everyone loves this song called Dynamite.

It's so awesome because even if you don't know the song, and you're listening to it the first time, you'll like it, even if you hate music. It's the best song of the summer. It's the best song to dance to in the summer because dynamite is burning fire and the sun is burning fire. Everyone in my camp loves this song even if it gets old, people still listen to it, everywhere in my whole camp.

Check it out yo!

New York
Age 8

WAT'S-THE-WORD on Dylan and Cole Sprouse?!

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are Disney Channel's 13 year old twins... Just kidding! Did you know that they just celebrated their 18th birthday and will be going off to college in less than a month?! I didn't know that either. I could have sworn they weren't even in high school yet.

Anyway, the two will be heading off to Manhattan in late August to start their first year at New York University. Cole will be majoring in Film and Television Production with a minor in Drama. His brother Dylan plans to take up Fine/Studio Arts, minoring in Economics.

I think this has been a wonderful decision on their part. Being child actors, they have missed out on many common childhood experiences people like me have experienced. It is good that they will still get the "college experience." I hope that they take advantage of the community around them and make plently of friends once the year starts. I also wonder if they will get girlfriends!

Guest Review
Jersey City, NJ
Age 16

WAT'S-THE-WORD on Scott Pilgrim vs. The world?!

If you're a fan of the comic such as myself you'll definitely want to go and see Scott Pilgrim vs. The world. If you aren't you should STILL watch the movie.

Here's a brief synopsis on this movie of epic proportions. The movie follows protagonist Scott Pilgrim the twenty-three year old bass player for the band Sex-Bob-omb (Awesome name). He then meets the girl of his dreams known as Ramona Flowers. In the movie you can't miss her. She's the spunky chick that changes her hair color almost every scene. May I add girls who change their hair color in crazy colors such as red, pink, green, purple, etc. are more than okay in my book. Anyway, Scott learns that he must battle Ramona's seven evil exes, who are coming to kill him, to finally win Ramona's heart. Get this her seven evil ex boyfriends form a group known as "The League of Evil Ex's". They definitely get brownie points for creativity.

To all the guys out there I'm sure you have/had a girlfriend who had some boyfriends you wanted lay out. Who doesn't want to fight for a girl who changes her hair color more than there are colors in the rainbow. If the story line doesn't sell it's self (Which it does) Michael Cera is the lead role. This is step up from his movie's portraying an awkward high school teen having relations with high school girls. Catch the movie, this Friday August 13!

Guest Review
Age 18